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Three Village Chamber Players strives to be an essential source of artistry in Suffolk County by embedding music performances in spaces that are central to the community. Rather than summoning audiences to designated concert halls, 3VCP is an organization defined by its immersion in the community. Our concerts bring a diverse audience together and contribute to building the exuberance of the local arts scene. 3VCP is a Musicivic organization, supporting social, cultural, educational and compassionate vitality in the communities we call home.

Our Mission

Our goal is to curate experiences that everyone can enjoy, bringing together a diverse audience. By keeping a busy performance schedule and rotating through numerous local venues, we reach as many as 1,000 people each month.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We hope to reach every school, library, and retirement home in our vicinity on a rotational basis, providing educational presentations, children's concerts, and concerts for wellness. We hope to reach as many people as possible, and build the arts in our community. All of our concerts are free and we are funded by grants and individual donations.

Support Our Mission With a Tax Deductible Donation!

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