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Tune in to Musicivic Musicasts!

Now more than ever, we recognize the ability of chamber music to bring us together through shared and timeless moments that bring joy and comfort to so many. While we cannot gather as a community at this time, we are committed to bringing you music from your homes to yours.

Three Village Chamber Players and partnering Musicivic organizations are excited to bring you a full schedule of live musical content for home streaming. Videos are available to stream at the time of performance with a

free ticket reservation.

Beo String Quartet at Home
May 8 || 
May 10 || May 13

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Beo String Quartet brings their recent Bach Project to 3VCP for its first Musicast! Join Beo as they explore the theme of isolation through four different lenses in their performances of fugues I, IV, VII, and IX from J.S. Bach's Art of Fugue. Directly following, Beo shares a "Making of" video where they discuss some of the elements that went into the creation of the Bach Project.

Reserve your free ticket to join us for these three showings of the

Beo String Quartet's Bach Project:

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